Sparc is a practice for Spatial Design. We reside in a storefront in Brooklyn. We puzzle as long as needed to come up with the best spatial solution. We are Romanticist and we believe that all contextual layers can inspire us to make warm and lush buildings. We understand that a building is more than 4 walls and a roof. We want to make architecture in a highly collaborative environment where we can learn from each other and other professionals.


SPARC was founded by Hans Maarten Wikkerink and Shiva Ghomi in 2017.

Hans Maarten started his career at community centers for at-risk youth in Amsterdam. He then proceeded to work on a number of projects involving the repurposing of public buildings into multi-purpose cultural venues (art/theater/film/dining/dancing), such as Tolhuistuin and Kriterion Rotterdam. He was co-founder and CEO of Studio K, now a staple venue in the neighborhood of Amsterdam Oost. With over ten years of project management experience, he embarked upon a career in architecture and worked for ar variety of high profile firms like Powerhouse Company and Mark Koehler Architects.

After moving to New York City in 2013, Hans Maarten’s architectural work has focused mostly on recovery and resilience building in the aftermath of superstorm Sandy, both on the ground and in project management.

In 2016, the project MARCY HOUSES, which proposes a radical rethinking of social housing in New York City, was internationally recognized by a number of architecture competitions, including New York City Affordable Housing Challenge organized by the NYC Built Expo. The project was on display in a traveling exhibition in the Netherlands as part of the prestigious Archiprix competition.

Hans Maarten holds a M.Arch from Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam and a BA in Architectural History at the University of Amsterdam. He is licensed and registered Architect in Europe.

Shiva has worked with numerous design firms in her home country Iran. Here she has participated in wide range of residential and mixed-use projects. She holds a Bachelor in Architecture and Master in Urban Design. After about 8 years of design, research and management experience in Iran, her interest in observing and gaining hands-on experience in the field of Design and Planning in the United States (2011), and specifically in Resilient Design brought her to New York City, where she obtained her second Master’s degree in Urban Design.

In 2017, Shiva and Hans Maarten founded SPARC, a firm focusing on repurposing, resilience building, social housing, and—where possible—their intersection. Besides their work for SPARC, they are actively engaged in academics as a guest teacher for NYIT among others.



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sparc architects (NL)

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