penthouse herengracht

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands | Status: Design Development | Timespan: 2017 |  Scope: Penthouse with guest room | Square feet: 750 | Budget: confidential

In this landmarked former bank building in the city centre of Amsterdam, we proposed a radical reconfiguration of a penthouse.



Location: New York City | Status: Under Construction | Timespan: 2016-2017 |  Scope: Private house elevation | Square feet: 1,200 | Budget: confidential

We designed the elevation of this home as part of the Build it Back program from the City of New York. 



Location: Uithoorn | Status: Design Development | Timespan: 2016-2018 |  Scope: renovation, 10 apartments and commercial space | Square feet: 1,8000 | Budget: € 2.5 million

This landmarked church building by world famous architect Gerrit Rietveld in the city of Uithoorn in The Netherlands will be converted to 10 luxury apartments and a commercial space. Together with Het Verschil and architect Jeroen ter Maat, Sparc won the tender. Construction is expected to start in 2017. 


Marcy Houses: A case study of social housing in new york city

Marcy Houses | Status: Study | Location: Brooklyn, NY | Timespan: 2013-2016 | Scope: Masterplan, 125 unit apartment building with commercial plinth and parking garage | Size: 33 acres and 91,000 sf | Budget: N/A | nominee Archiprix NL 2017download PDF

If anything is typical for the demographics of New York City, it is its character of enclaves. While higher level demographic data show a diverse, vibrant melting pot, small scale New York City is relatively segregated. This seems to work just fine in most neighborhoods. Unfortunately this is not the case for the poorest New Yorkers. Learn more>>




Marcy Houses | Status: ongoing | Location: New York City, NY | Timespan: 2013-present | Scope: renovation and resiliency measures for single family houses damaged by hurricane Sandy | Budget: Varies | 

In collaboration with Cragnolin Design we work on several projects in the Build it Back program for the City of New York. We provide design and construction management services for homes that were damages by superstorm sandy in October 2012. 


Hozenstraat 8

Location: Bredevoort | Status: Under Construction | Timespan: 2014-2017 |  Scope: Private house | Square feet: 1,900 | Budget: € 150,000

This landmarked building in the city of Bredevoort in The Netherlands is a single family house that is converted in 2 apartments. The design encompasses renovation of the existing structure as well as configuring the 2 new apartments. Learn more>>(COMING SOON)


Amstel iii

Status: Study | Location: Amsterdam | Timespan: 2012 | Scope: Masterplan | Size: 45 acres | Budget: N/A

Amstel III is a mono-functional office district. Many buildings are vacant; nobody wants to work here. This is due in part to a surplus of office spaces in Amsterdam and in part to bad planning. The design laid out here involves architectural interventions that leave space for a subsequent organic process of growth and flexible adaptation, based on the idea that turning mono-functional areas into multi-functional districts can yield healthy, vital urban environments.



With: VASD Architects | Location: Amsterdam | Status: Built | Timespan: 2009-2014 | Scope: Renovation with music venue, bar, restaurant, event spaces, gallery, dance school and tourist information office | Square feet: 47,000 | Budget: € 4 million

In collaboration with VASD architects, we did project management for a cultural complex on the riverbanks of Amsterdam. We converted an old canteen of multinational company Shell into a multipurpose complex with a music venue, restaurant, exhibition spaces and offices. Learn more>>


studio / k

Status: Built | Location: Amsterdam | Timespan: 2006-2008 | Scope: Renovation with music venue and theatre, cinema, bar, restaurant, event spaces |  Square feet: 16,000 |  Budget: € 2.6 million

Studio K is a cultural complex in Amsterdam. Together with the architects of Inbo architects, we converted an old school building into a cinema with 2 screening halls, a theater, nightclub, bar, and restaurant. Learn more>>